When it comes to air quality issues, many people think about smog and outdoor air pollution as well as the effects it can have on our bodies. In reality, indoor air pollution issues are a much bigger threat, yet lots of homeowners in the Burlington, KY area aren’t aware of this. Poston Brothers Heating & Cooling share the importance of indoor air quality and how good air quality can decrease bothersome allergy and asthma symptoms this spring.

Importance of Indoor Air Quality for Homes

Pollution has long been promoted as an outdoor issue, but more recently information has become available regarding indoor pollutant levels. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air inside a home or building can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air.

Why does indoor air harbor more pollution than outdoor air? Outdoor air flows with the breeze and the weather which dilutes the concentration of various contaminants. Inside, there just isn’t the same level of air movement. Today’s homes often lack the needed ventilation to continuously remove indoor air, which is often heavily polluted. Many homes have inadequate ventilation which restricts air movement. There needs to be a proper air exchange rate met to help get enough outdoor air inside and cycle the air carrying indoor air pollutants outside.

The importance of indoor air quality really comes into play when we discuss exposure. Exposure to indoor air pollution is what puts people at risk for health symptoms and issues. The average American spends 90 percent of their day indoors. Indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Those of us who are most susceptible to health issues caused by exposure to certain airborne contaminants are more likely to spend an even greater portion of time indoors.

Poor indoor air quality often leads to health problems, and many indoor pollutants make certain health issues, like allergies, worse. Allergens build up inside a home, exposing allergy and asthma sufferers to more of their triggers so they are more likely to suffer symptoms. Even in healthy people, exposure to high indoor air pollutants can lead to health side effects like runny noses, headaches, fatigue, and more. Long-term exposure to certain indoor air pollutants has been linked to the development of cancer and respiratory diseases.

Fight Spring Allergies with Good Indoor Air Quality

People who have asthma or suffer allergies are no strangers to the importance of indoor air quality. The amount of indoor air quality pollutants found in the air inside their homes and workplaces has a real and noticeable impact on the way they feel.

Spring allergies are common in a large portion of the population. Pollen counts are high this time of year as trees and grass bloom. Mold spores can exist in high volumes over the spring months, too. Even though these contaminants originate outside, this outdoor air coming indoors can easily increase indoor pollutant levels for people who suffer from these allergies. The pollutants make their way into homes through open doors and windows, on our shoes and clothing, and even on our pets. Once they come inside, poor ventilation keeps them trapped inside, and over time quantities continue to build. This can greatly increase indoor pollutant levels inside the home and can make allergy sufferers feel awful.

Reducing the number of indoor air pollutants and focusing on trying to improve indoor air quality in the home can help you lessen your spring allergy symptoms. The right tools can help you remove these particles from the indoor air supply and fill your living spaces with fresh air so your symptoms decrease.

Gain Better Indoor Air Quality Through HVAC Solutions

Your HVAC system and tools that work with it are key when it comes to the importance of indoor air quality. Improving ventilation by adding mechanical solutions can push out polluted air and fill your home with fresh air throughout the day. Indoor air quality equipment like air cleaners and air purifiers remove particles or neutralize organic contaminants so exposure is reduced.

Poston Brothers Heating & Cooling knows the importance of indoor air quality and how it can impact your health this season. Contact us today to learn more about installation of indoor air quality equipment that will reduce indoor contaminants for a healthier indoor environment.