The mild temperatures of springtime in the Burlington, KY area create the perfect opportunity for homeowners to get back outside and knock some home maintenance tasks off their to-do lists before the weather gets too hot. In addition to the tasks you perform yourself, it’s necessary to schedule appointments with professionals for certain home maintenance services. Poston Brothers Heating & Cooling shares why you should go ahead and set up your spring air conditioning system tune up and have this service completed before summer.

Spring Air Conditioning Tune Up Services

All HVAC equipment, from furnaces to air conditioners, requires regular maintenance and preventative care. Many equipment manufacturers even require this professional service on a routine basis to uphold your end of the manufacturer warranty terms. So, how often does your cooling system need one of these tune ups and when should it be done?

Spring air conditioner maintenance involves one professional preventative maintenance tune up per year. If you cool your home with a heat pump system that functions as a heater over the winter, this HVAC equipment will receive two tune ups annually. Heating-only equipment like furnaces and boilers also require one tune up per year.

When to Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance Tune Ups

The best time of year for air conditioner maintenance is in the spring. Spring air conditioning maintenance protects the system’s integrity and improves its performance for the coming cooling season.

The earlier in the spring season is when homeowners should call to schedule ac maintenance services. The sooner you call, the sooner we’ll be able to take a look at your air conditioning unit. It’s ideal if you can have this service performed before the weather heats up and it becomes necessary to run your air conditioner throughout the day. To make sure your annual air conditioner maintenance service is done before the weather gets too hot, calling to make your appointment in the early spring is the best.

There are many key reasons you want to take advantage of this timing for your ac maintenance appointments, as doing so will help you save money and stay comfortable.

Quick Response

Do you hate waiting weeks between calling for service and the date of your actual appointment? When you schedule air conditioner maintenance early in the season, you likely won’t have to wait long at all! Due to milder temperatures this time of year, homeowners are rarely using their heating and cooling equipment so HVAC companies typically aren’t busy and can take care of your cooling system maintenance needs quickly.

Better Efficiency

Ac maintenance in the spring makes it possible for you to run a well-oiled machine from the start of cooling season to its final days. When you make sure your air conditioner receives a professional tune up ahead of summer, your system receives the essential care and services needed to improve its performance and energy efficiency. Wear and tear from last season are erased so that your air conditioner functions at peak levels. With an air conditioner in such good shape on the first hot day of the year, you can rest assured your energy bills won’t skyrocket.

Breakdowns are Less Likely

The last thing you want to experience this summer is a cooling system failure that leads to costly repairs and time without cool air. Spring air conditioning maintenance works to lower the likelihood of needing ac repairs during the hottest days of the summer. When a technician is able to service your system ahead of use season, any malfunctions present can be spotted and corrected before you go turning on your ac system. Operating an air conditioner with certain flaws or malfunctions present can cause the problem to grow, leading to a lot more damage and it may even destroy your system to the point of a breakdown.

Schedule Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance Today

Spring air conditioning maintenance works to protect your home’s HVAC equipment while keeping energy bills low and keeping your family cool once summer arrives. Now is the perfect time to schedule your regular maintenance for your air conditioner. Call Poston Brothers Heating & Cooling today to make an appointment for your spring air conditioner tune up.