Alexis H.

Dave was so knowledgeable, and incredibly nice. He took the time to show us what was wrong, and walked us through the whole process. He was very kind, and smart. Poston Brothers is lucky to have him on their team! Will be requesting him in the future!

Jason T.

Called Poston for heat pump concern and they were out the next day. Dave gave me a full description of the work he was going to do and was very respectful. He confirmed there was no issues and believed that ICE may have been the issue. He allowed me to witness his observations which helped me understand further. He complemented the condition of the furnace while completing a winter maintenance and then discussed the new service plan Poston is offering. I was sold immediately and look forward to using Poston going forward! Well done all around.

Mitch Shaw

Jeffrey was sent out from my property management company to look at the furnace, since it was only working intermittently, switching on and off every few minutes. The problem wasn’t happening when he first arrived, but instead of leaving he inspected the system carefully and noticed several prospective problems. It’s very fortunate that he took a while to diagnose because the problem started occurring before he left, so he was able to gather more information to submit to the property management company. Very happy with his expertise, thoroughness, and willingness to explain.

Alan L

I reached out to Poston Brothers as they were referred to me by a friend. The first thing that struck was that I was notified and sent a link showed a map with their current location and how soon they would be at my house. Both of the gentlemen were courteous, knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I won’t hesitate to use them again in the future.